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The Plan B Company is an integrator in the connected car area, meaning that we will help customers set up a complete structure in order to execute a successful connected car strategy. We mediate between suppliers and companies that want to engage in the connected car area. The Plan B Company arranges the right suppliers for hardware, software, connectivity and service providers to match the specific needs and supplies this in one package.

Based on the customer demands we determine which hardware to use to get the maximum result. We use CAN-bus readers for the car manufacturers for the following reasons, for example:

  • Non-writing, thus non intrusive
  • High security
  • Automotive grade components
  • All sensor data available
  • Electric vehicles


For lease & rental, transport and service & maintenance companies we use hardware which can be connected to the OBDII port, for the following reasons:

  • More suitable for diversified car parks
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party hardware (Garmin, TomTom, etc)

Our connected car platform is an open platform which means that this platform is future proof because of the flexibility (integration with service providers such as parking, electronic vehicle health check, insurances, weather reports, etc.).


The platform is not only suited to collect the data from the vehicles and to enrich it, but this platform is also suitable to link a variety of data sources together with combining several data points and inform the driver through notifications and also provide relevant propositions.


The Plan B Company is compliant in the field of security and privacy of customer data following the new GDPR (EC directive 2016/680-679 of April 2016), which needs to be in place May 2018.

We believe that first of all data needs to be collected and combined, so you can create insight in customers wishes & behavior. Then small propositions can be offered and again more customer insight is created, etc. This is a continuous process which can intensify the relationship with your customers, if and only when your relevant.



  • Service reminders (on-time)
  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Push notifications (incident based)
  • Parking & fueling
  • Trip history (conform Dutch tax laws)

The Plan B Company helps companies in the connected car domain develop relevant business cases, using a large variety of data sources.

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Relevant propositions can be offered to your customer which results in:

  • Increased loyalty
  • Increased frequency
  • Increased turnover
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Increase insight in your car park with:

  • Real time fleet management
  • Route optimization
  • Track fuel usage & idling
  • Monitor engine hours
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Service & Maintenance

Improve safety and productivity:

  • Drive time vs cust. service time
  • Personal vs business trips
  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver behavior
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Lease & Rental

Manage costs and value:

  • Accident detection & notification
  • Engine diagnostics (alerting)
  • Fuel usage
  • Automated billing
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Predictive Maintenance & Service Reminders

Predictive maintenance based on actual mileage and real time wear and tear

Customers are exactly informed on time about service reminders, together with a service & maintenance proposal based on actual vehicle data. No surprises afterwards!


Notifications and alerting

Based on real-time data push notifications can be send to inform customers if necessary

If your tire pressure is too low a notification will be send that you need to inflate your tires. This is for your safety and reducing fuel consumption. If your electric car is fully charged, we will remind you to remove your car from the charging pole.


Connect Service Providers

Create added value by connecting services providers to the Connected Car platform

By offering charging-, fuel- and parking locations and related in-app payments, added value is created. For instance we take care that payment for parking is stopped when leaving the parking spot.


Trip History

We offer trip history conform tax regulations

Private or business trip. In the app or in the 'my' portal you can easily adjust it yourself. Via a predetermined export, you can send this file directly to the tax authorities.

Connect your customer and start communicating!

A new communication channel which offers relevant information of the vehicle, trip history (business vs private) and a notification center to take care of your customer (tire pressure, doors open, battery charged, etc.)

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