Telematics solutions for passenger cars

What is the status of my car?
Check realtime your fuel consumption, mileage and range.


Do I have to refuel?
With your smartphone you can see how much fuel is left in the car.


The status of the door lock is displayed in the app. Through a push notification you will be notified if the doors  unlocked.


Is your tire pressure still ok? Check the app for the status. Via push notifications you will be informed if the tire pressure is too low.


Forgotten where you parked your car? No problem, the app shows you the way.


Is the car on the parking brake? Check it from your lazy chair with your Connected Car app.

Trip History

In the ‘My’ environment, the Trip History can be found, complemented and exported according to Dutch Tax Regulations.

‘My’ Environment
Map Display
Trip Administration

Service Providers

Via our Connected Car platform other services can be offered, such as:

  • Charging locations & paying
  • Parking spots & automated paying (arriving & leaving)
  • Fuel locations & paying
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Connect all your cars!
Full electric, hybrid and internal combustion.

Our hardware is capable of extracting data of all vehicle propulsion systems, therefore covering the whole car park.

Full electric vehicles do not use the OBD-protocol as this is, principally, emission based. Our CAN-bus reader does not only use this protocol but also ‘listens’ to CAN-lines to gather the relevant data. Therefore we can offer services from traditional combustion engines to full electric vehicles.

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Our platform and software is designed around privacy, this enables us to comply with the latest EU GDPR regulations. This ‘privacy by design’ ensures end-users and our clients that their data is handled in both a safe and compliant way.


Connecting data from a large variety of sources, the platform is created to be able to recieve, translate an enhance data almost without limitations. We are proud of being one of the most versatile, flexible platforms. Other than that serving a large group of customers makes us the largest true independent connected car platform providers. Our platform-as-a-service is unique and allows our customers to create their own platform using our extensive knowledge.


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Telematics Subscriptions

We can offer custom-made subscriptions based on preferred datapoints.
The subscription layout as pointed out below is the most used by our customers.
Also other datapoints can be used, such as, battery voltage, seatbelts on/off and cold engine RPM, etc.

Features Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Fuel Gauge
Fuel / kWh Consumption
Charge indication
Tire Pressure
Door lock
Parking Brake
Additional Feature Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
GPS Location (Home Country)
GPS Location Europe
Trip History